Fonda, open barely a month, has South Slopers lining up for its dressed-up Mexican food. Sauces and moles are varied and delicious, hounds say: Shrimp enchiladas are topped with a unique hazelnut mole; moist, tasty pork adobo comes with mulato chile sauce.

marksbirch singles out the “Marco Pollo”: achiote-marinated braised chicken with roasted tomato-habanero salsa. Others like roasted cod (with tomatillo-serrano salsa), a grilled chorizo appetizer (with Oaxaca and Chihuahua cheeses), and the burger (seasoned with guajillo chile and served with avocado and pico de gallo). The chef, Roberto Santibañez, is a Mexico City native and Rosa Mexicano alumnus who works the room when he gets a chance and is happy to talk about the food (that’s a touch of vanilla in the hazelnut mole, he says).

Dessert is worth saving room for. One standout is morenitas: moist bittersweet brownies, studded with pumpkin seeds and served with milky/caramelly cajeta and burnt-tequila whipped cream. The tequila presence is scant, but no matter. The brownies are “yummy and very rich,” says jinx.

She ranks Fonda well above other upscale Mexican choices around Brooklyn, like Alma and Barrio. “I think this place will be a regular stop,” jinx says, “if it doesn’t become so crowded that we can’t get in.”

Fonda [Park Slope]
434 Seventh Avenue (near 14th Street), Brooklyn

Board Link: Fonda on 7th Ave in the Slope

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