There are people who plan their vacations years in advance, curating every single detail and scheduling every last minute. This opportunity, which CHOW is happy to be a part of, is not like that. It involves mystery—or, rather, “m?stery.” It also involves lovely listers Thrillist, fine fliers JetBlue, and a whole host of other sponsors, including this very website.

All we know—all they will tell us!—is that on October 17 a plane will leave New York and will arrive somewhere (that somewhere will be a somewhere JetBlue flies to). Once there, fun will ensue until Monday arrives and the plane returns to New York.

Teasy enough for you? Sign me up, you say? Well, certainly. By simply agreeing to receive newsletters from Thrillist on this particular page, CHOW readers will be in the running to win two tickets on the Jet M?stery plane. All you thrillseekers, all you impulsive hooligans: get to the SIGN-UP PAGE, now!

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