When we first noticed KO Catering and Pies, it was in the form of the KO truck, which at the time was parked at the site of the former St. Alphonzo’s Kitchen. Months have passed, and the truck is now mobile, while KO’s takeaway shop stays put. The menu at both is the same: Australian meat and veggie pies, fish and chips, a couple of sandwiches, a couple of salads, Australian granola, and breakfast sandwiches. Good stuff? Oh yeah.

astrid is fond of the classic meat pie, the Irish beef stew pie, and the curry vegetable pie. “I wish the bottom had been a little crustier, but overall the crust was flaky and buttery,” she says.

“I didn’t eat many meat pies in my travels to Australia, but I like these a lot: the beef stew is my favorite,” says MC Slim JB. “Also like the sausage roll, the chicken schnitzel sandwich, the corn fritters at breakfast, the fries (the chicken-salt upgrade is worth trying), and the Lamingtons [a sponge cake covered in chocolate and coconut]. Nice people, good little place.”

“The Irish stew and the fries are my go-to, but the fish and chips are another fave,” says acbell.

KO Catering and Pies [South Boston]
87 A Street, Boston

KO Truck [Mobile]
No formal address; see Twitter for location

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