A favorite breakfast spot just got that much better: Matt H reports that Mike & Patty’s has peameal bacon on the menu. Real peameal bacon. Not the cornmeal-dusted bacon fobbed off as peameal in many a joint, but the real thing, unsmoked back bacon brined and rolled in ground yellow peas. “I grew up in Toronto and peameal bacon is about as Canadian as it gets and I cannot recall seeing it on any menu in Boston (or many US cities),” says Matt H, who subsequently found out that Mike and Patty’s chef is from Toronto.

Try the St. Lawrence sandwich, says Matt H; it’s basically a BLT with the aforementioned peameal bacon and the option of adding a fried egg. It “tasted like any sandwich I would have eaten at St. Lawrence market in Toronto.”

Mike & Patty’s [Bay Village]
12 Church Street, Boston

Board Link: Mike and Patty’s - Peameal Bacon!

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