Wrap Delight is Pistou’s go-to Vietnamese sandwich joint, but she decided to give Charles Phan’s Slanted Door offshoot Out the Door a chance, wondering if the higher prices there were justified. Her comparison:

Wrap Delight: Fresh, hot, super crispy roll with some of the insides taken out.
Out the Door: Bready, chewy roll.

WD: A hefty pile of pickled carrots and daikon, generous cilantro and jalapeños, and yummy meat.
OTD: Very tasty pork that completely overwhelmed the sparse vegetables.

WD: Big, fiery slices of jalapeño stuffed into the sandwich.
OTD: A couple of tiny thin slices of jalapeño wrapped separately so I had to handle it and thus go wash my hands before proceeding.

WD: Happy woman who calls my order to me before I get to the counter and gets me my sandwich in about a minute.
OTD: A buzzer to let me know when my order is ready.

WD: Mysterious brown umami-ful sauce.
OTD: Tons of mayo, nothing else.

WD: $3
OTD: $9.31

“Nope, won’t get fooled again,” she concludes.

“Like Slanted Door, I think Out the Door does new ‘Cal-Vietnamese’ dishes much better than they do old classics,” comments sfbing. “Their pho is also not very good.”

Robert Lauriston had a nice sit-down lunch at Out the Door featuring green beans with mushrooms and a noodle dish. But melisky found the summer rolls and sauce bland, and the rice noodles with grilled chicken both bland and skimpy on toppings.

Wrap Delight [Civic Center]
426 Larkin Street, San Francisco

Out the Door [Union Square]
865 Market Street, San Francisco

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