Ology.com: ABC cancels Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Watching B-list stars dance is more important than ensuring our kids eat healthful meals everday? C’mon! —Lisa

Bay Area Bites: Beautiful cannelés at Baillardran in France. —Christine

À la Mode: These photos made me antsy for new travel plans. I’m coming for you, Istanbul, and all of your tasty morsels! —Amy

BitterSweet: Thoughts on the anxiety of releasing a new cookbook. Be sure to check out those vegan mint chocolate macaroons. —Amy

Girl Interrupted Eating: Crispy smoked fish skin (shown above): the next bacon? —Christine

Politics of the Plate: An interesting read on price comparisons at the farmers’ market versus conventional supermarkets, with some unexpected findings. —Omer

Ideas in Food: Hmmm, shaved shortbread cookies. What could I sprinkle those on? —Lisa

Delishhh: These rum-chocolate treats are frozen then covered in chocolate—gilding the lily, indeed.  —Omer

Image source: Girl Interrupted Eating

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