It’s not like brownies are all that hard to make from scratch. But, when you’re feeling too lazy to melt chocolate in a double boiler, there’s always brownie mix. Are there worthwhile brownies that come out of a box?

Many hounds recommend Ghirardelli’s brownie mixes. “There is nothing about it that gives off ‘I’m from a mix’ vibes; delicious,” says Full tummy. “I’ve never seen a brownie so dark. Very rich and moist,” says Kate is always hungry. gansu girl hasn’t been able to improve on them, even from scratch. “I do doctor them up often,” she says. “Add crumbled peppermint patties, a peanut butter swirl on top, perform a rocky-road-fication, etc. People practically fall off their chairs when I tell them they’re not homemade, even when they’re just in their ‘pure’ form, out of the box.”

Trader Joe’s Brownie Truffle Baking Mix is the only one coll bothers with; it’s extra good with some Kahlúa or instant espresso added in, though it doesn’t need anything extra to be good. LovelyAsia likes Duncan Hines Chewy Fudge mix, for brownies with a consistency resembling fudge. “I have tried many homemade recipes but they always come out too cake like,” she says. They’re especially good—and can pass for homemade—with some marshmallows, walnuts, or broken pieces of Skor bar added in.

Still not convinced about mixes? Then try CHOW’s Intense Brownies recipe instead.

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