If you live in San Francisco, there’s no need to trek across the Bay Bridge for killer non-barbecue Korean food. Heck, it’s worth coming over from the East Bay just to shop at First Korean Market for great takeout and the best kimchee in the neighborhood, says Robert Lauriston.

Nearby is My Tofu House, where Robert says the soondubu stew is “awesome and amazingly cheap.”

sfbing likes the soondubu stew at Muguboka, where it has “a lot of lovely soft tofu.” You also get plenty of side dishes: about 14, though they’re smaller than usual. The place doesn’t specialize in tofu alone, and there’s a broad menu with things like fish egg casserole, Korean blood sausage, and fried chicken. Windy says the dol sot bi bim bap hits the spot.

Shin Toe Bul Yi has good soondubu that’s not too expensive, says Mr_Happy, but Windy says the reason to wait in line there is the fried chicken.

Fried chicken wings are the specialty at Toyose, although it’s primarily a drinking joint, Robert Lauriston says. He also recommends Zazang for jajang myun, noodles with black bean sauce, and jampong, a spicy seafood stew. If you want to go upscale, he says, go for Hanuri, which has an extensive menu.

And while Han Il Kwan is known for its barbecue, it makes some mean fish cakes and seafood pancakes, and also does stews and soups.

First Korean Market [Richmond District]
4625 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco

My Tofu House [Richmond District]
4627 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco

Muguboka [Richmond District]
401 Balboa Street, San Francisco

Shin Toe Bul Yi [Sunset]
2001 Taraval Street, San Francisco

Toyose [Sunset]
3814 Noriega Street, San Francisco

Zazang [Pacific Heights]
2340 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco

Hanuri [Sunset]
4217 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco

Han Il Kwan [Sunset]
1802 Balboa Street, San Francisco

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