Shrimp are a great base for all sorts of quick, delicious dishes. Several hounds like to wrap shrimp in bacon or pancetta and broil or grill them; bermudagourmetgoddess cuts a slit in the shrimp and inserts a strip of jalapeño before wrapping with bacon.

MGZ loves shrimp and grits, and says this recipe is a traditional version with a very clean flavor, adding, “I think it’s kick ass!” Val likes sautéed shrimp in Chardonnay-Dijon cream sauce and says, “There is never one iota of it left when I make it.”

Homero goes for grilled shrimp skewers with charmoula sauce served over couscous, and silverhawk makes a Greek bake that combines shrimp with chopped tomatoes, garlic, chopped onion, basil, and feta cheese.

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