“Brighton Avenue from Packards Corner to Union Square is one of Boston’s great eating stretches,” says the well-versed Jenny Ondioline about this Allston gourmet ghetto. If you choose to partake in its pleasures, here’s where you should stop.

First and foremost, says Eddie Van Hungry, check out Le’s Restaurant. “I seldom see any mentions of this place, but it strikes me as an example of what ‘Chowhound’ is really all about. Bit of a downtrodden space, ridiculously cheap and utterly delicious.” Two recent visits have revealed quick and friendly service, deeply flavored pho broth, good noodles and meat, and “super fresh” basil and bean sprouts. “I threw down a 50% tip and strolled for $12.”

No pho for you? Jenny Ondioline is on it: “JoJo Tai Pei is back up to snuff after a wobbly stretch when the original chef split to open Formosa Taipei in Arlington; Punjab Palace is a fine Indian restaurant; Blue Asia Cafe is (mostly) Taiwanese comfort food done right; the new Afghani restaurant Ariana is about as good as Helmand; Buk Kyung is a bit spotty but the things it does right (I’m particularly fond of any of the rice-stick dishes) are as good as any of the several Korean restaurants in the area; Carlo’s is solid red-sauce Italian.”

So what are you waiting for?

Le’s Restaurant [Allston]
137 Brighton Avenue, Boston

JoJo Tai Pei [Allston]
103 Brighton Avenue, Boston

Punjab Palace [Allston]
109 Brighton Avenue, Boston

Blue Asia Café [Allston]
113 Brighton Avenue, Boston

Ariana [Allston]
129 Brighton Avenue, Boston

Buk Kyung Restaurant [Allston]
151 Brighton Avenue, Boston

Carlo’s Cucina Italiana [Allston]
131 Brighton Avenue, Boston

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