La Gloria is a restaurant and supermercado in Oxnard, right next to the train and bus station. “I felt like I was in Mexico,” says Snackish. “It was a happy feeling.”

There’s a hot deli with “all kinds of meats made from parts of animals not seen in any El Torito, decorated by a festive goat skull.” There’s a licuado and jugo bar, for your milk shake and juice needs. There’s a panaderia with fresh, hot tortillas, $1.19 for three dozen, and an excellent nieves stand for Mexican sorbet.

“This place is fantastic,” says i4details. “The butcher is great, the cheeses, the bakery. It’s like stepping into another world. I have them do everything when I have a party: tri tips carne asada and all the side dishes right down to the mango nieves!”

La Gloria [Ventura]
430 S. Oxnard Boulevard, Oxnard

Board Link: Supermercado La Gloria Oxnard

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