As VaiMama observes, “there’s nothing like food that tastes home cooked.” That taste is rarer still if you’re hankering for Liberian home cooking in New York. But Maima’s in Jamaica delivers the goods, she reports.

Check out the daily specials for spicy, hearty meat dishes in greens (spinach, collards, cassava leaf) and other Liberian specialties like palm butter—not butter, actually, but a meat and seafood stew made with palm nut cream. Cassava leaf is terrific, VaiMama says, served with Liberian fried pepper. Chicken gravy is fried chicken with a delicious sauce, something like smothered chicken from the American South. Both come with a mountain of rice.

VaiMama comes forward with a disclosure: She learned only after going there that Maima’s is owned by relatives of hers. “It really is good (even if my aunt made it),” she adds.

Maima’s [Jamaica]
106-47 Guy R. Brewer Boulevard (between South Road and 107th Avenue), Jamaica, Queens

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