Grilled sweet corn slathered in lime-y mayonnaise (a.k.a. elote) is a Mexican street-food classic that’s creeping northward into the messy, messy hands of insatiable Americans. Various takes on the dish have been spotted at NYC’s three Dos Caminos restaurants, as well as at the Vegas outpost (where the name of the dish is amusingly changed from “Mexico City Street Corn” to “Mexico City Style Corn on the Cob.” Tourists didn’t like the sound of Mexico City’s streets, eh?).

Mexican corn was also drooled over in the August 10-17 issue of New York magazine, with Cabrito chef David Schuttenberg’s version of esquites, elote cut off the cob, spotlighted. But the ultimate mark of stateside acceptance came with the September/October issue of Cook’s Illustrated, in which the magazine, not known for its trendiness, presented a recipe for the dish that features sour cream, Pecorino Romano, and cilantro leaves instead of the traditional pungent epazote.

Our version has Cotija and mayo, as God intended.

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