rpglancy is looking for hot wieners in Boston. “I grew up in Southeastern Mass and now live in Boston. A common item at diners/burger joints were New York System–style hot wieners: small griddle-cooked hot dogs, on a steamed bun ‘all-the-way’ with yellow mustard, beanless chili sauce, minced onion, and celery salt. They sold for about a buck and 3–6 made a fantastic lunch.”

So far no one has answered the call, but rpglancy says that some of the best can be found in Seekonk at “Eats Restaurant, if you’re willing to take the hour drive south” from Boston.

“I haven’t seen them any farther north than Pawtucket,” says okra, but reminds us not to forget Wein-O-Rama, the “classic” in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Looks like there’s room for an entrepreneurial wiener venture in Boston.

NY System Restaurant [Rhode Island]
20 Plainfield Street, Providence

Eats Restaurant [Seekonk]
1395 Fall River Avenue, Seekonk

Wein-O-Rama [Rhode Island]
1009 Oaklawn Avenue, Cranston

Board Link: RI / Southeastern Mass “Hot Wieners” (no… they’re not X rated…)

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