Much to-do on the board lately about Zaré at Fly Trap, the South of Market restaurant that recently began a casual weekday lunch service.

The menu, called “Zaré’s Grill and Grain,” includes a sardine wrap that drew raves from the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and focuses on healthy grains viewed through a pan-Mediterranean lens with Persian touches. Our felice notes that the baklava served for lunch is her all-time favorite, and davina thought the azeri bulgur salad with skirt steak was a welcome change from the usual lunch options around that ‘hood.

Attacking the cocktail and bar bites lists, an intrepid group of hounds approved the arancini, pistachio meatballs with pomegranate glaze, and braised eggplant, but didn’t find cocktails that transported them.

Zaré at Fly Trap [SOMA]
606 Folsom Street, San Francisco

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