Hey! You know what’s better than nasty ol’ high-fructose corn syrup? Natural sugar!

Except … that … it really isn’t much better, if it’s better all. Dan Mitchell, writing for Slate’s Big Money blog, astutely notes that the real focus of a recent public health effort—“putting sugar in everything is bad for us”—has drifted over into “let’s replace one kind of sugar with another kind of sugar and play some happy strumming guitar music and slow-motion footage of kids romping through fields of grass on a sunny day.”

This is one of the best deconstructions yet of a confusing issue that’s seen spin, counterspin, and respin flying fast and furious in the fight for consumer’s minds, wallets, and waistlines.

The crux of the piece:

“The [Corn Refiners Association], meanwhile, continues to run ads saying that HFCS is ‘fine in moderation,’ even as the industry continues to make it nearly impossible to consume it in moderation by putting it into all kinds of foods, from bread to barbecue sauce.”

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