As the weather warms up and the truck fad continues to flower, hounds are sighting new food trucks on the streets.

jackal found Staff Meal in West Roxbury and entered into a state of meat-oriented bliss. “We tried the meatloaf sandwich with pastrami and homemade pickles on a great griddled roll / biscuit thing (awesome combo, our fave), foie baklava (crazy idea but it worked together. Not too sweet.), marrow toast with tabbouleh, and oxtail sandwich with peppers, same homemade pickles—both solid.”

Next on the hit list is the Eat Wagon, the new pet project of Garden at the Cellar’s Will Gilson. MC Slim JB describes its focus as “carefully-sourced burgers, dogs, tacos” and loves the trend of “fine dining chefs going mobile and humble.” No reports on the food yet; Eat Wagon is creeping around doing low-profile serving and isn’t slated to settle down to a regular schedule until the end of May, according to Grub Street.

Staff Meal [Mobile]
No formal address; see Twitter for location

The Eat Wagon [Mobile]
No formal address; see Twitter for location
No phone available

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