In a thread on where to find Hodo Soy Beanery’s yuba (tofu skin that is pulled from the surface of boiling soy milk), zippo drops the tip that the company’s factory in West Oakland offers tours (and samples!) of its products one Wednesday a month. (See Hodo’s website for details.)

At the tour’s conclusion, guests can buy soy milk, tofu, and a few prepared items (like poached tofu loaf and edamame tofu salad) from the artisan soy shop, which started as a farmers’ market stand run by entrepreneur Minh Tsai and eventually brought in John Scharffenberger (of the Scharffen Berger Scharffenbergers) as its CEO.

To find Hodo’s products outside of the factory, hounds suggest the Berkeley Farmers’ Market as well as Berkeley Bowl and Rainbow Grocery, neither of which carries a supply of the products every day.

For a peek inside the factory, check out CHOW’s field trip to Hodo.

Hodo Soy Beanery [East Bay]
2923 Adeline Street, Oakland

Berkeley Farmers’ Market [East Bay]
Center Street and MLK Way, Berkeley

Berkeley Bowl [East Bay]
2020 Oregon Street, Berkeley

Rainbow Grocery [Mission District]
1745 Folsom Street, San Francisco

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