If your idea of a good read is scattershot list of “bizarre” items, WebUrbanist has a treat for you: a new collection of oddly-themed restaurants, which follows its presumably traffic-grabbing original round-up of weird eatery ideas from around the world.

The latest set includes a prison-themed restaurant, an airplane-themed restaurant, a café with freely available cuddly cats for the petting (in Japan, naturally), and Ninja, the NYC restaurant that critic Frank Bruni famously told people to turn around and leave before entering, as that way “you will be spared an infinitely larger measure of tedium, a visually histrionic smorgasbord of undistinguished food and a discordant bill that can easily exceed $100 a person with tax, tip and drinks.”

Note to WebUrbanist: Saying that some of New York’s “most creative fusion food” is served at Ninja seems a little generous.

Here’s footage of Japan’s Cat Café Calico, where there are kitties around for customer enjoyment:

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