Heaven is the Saturday and Sunday brunch at Bottega Louie, says The Oracle.

They’ve got frittatas, eggs Benedict, brioche French toast, and lemon ricotta pancakes; the farmers’ market breakfast is two perfectly poached eggs on top of a bounty of fresh veggies. The Oracle’s version involved incredibly flavorful golden beets, cherry tomatoes, haricots verts, one delicious piece of mushroom, and generous slices of intensely flavorful Parmesan, a perfect companion.

The French bread is perfectly crusty on the outside, soft on the inside, says The Oracle, who describes the house coffee as “the best coffee I’ve been served at a restaurant lately.”

Lunch is also fine. Bright yellow local corn with marjoram is crunchy and sweet; crispy portobello fries come with special aioli sauce; and the escolar is soft, firm, and flavorful in an astounding puttanesca sauce. “While it complemented the fish very well, just consuming the sauce by itself would put any of us in heaven,” says wesleywong.

Other picks: the trenne pasta, triangular tubes with braised rib-eye and kale; asparagus with sautéed eggs; and the burrata—“a good-sized creamy ball with grape tomatoes,” says lil mikey.

“I liked the restaurant food but what really sold me is their market,” says SmokeyDoke. Excellent macarons, mac ’n’ cheese, and fresh mozzarella, says she. Dommy, however, thinks the macarons are dry, gummy, and lusterless.

Not everybody likes the place. Many quite dislike the pizza—“a waste of appetite,” judges lil mikey—and josh L thinks Bottega Louie’s pastas would be hated in New York. But all agree that the interior is beautiful and the service quite nice. It is, however, loud.

Bottega Louie [Downtown]
700 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles

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