Arancini, those tasty little fried balls of rice, usually filled with cheese, meat, and/or peas, can either get your appetite up and running or be a meal in themselves.

The ones at Pizzeria Delfina are excellent, hounds say, but tiny (leaving you plenty of room for the pizza). Plus, they’re not always available; they’re part of the rotating fritti menu.

You can get baseball-size arancini at 54 Mint, where they’re served with an amazing tomato sauce, lucymom says. margieco also tried a squid-ink version there recently that was fabulous.

Not quite as large (though bigger than most) are Poesia’s arancini with tomato sauce, which are quite good, says Robert Lauriston.

You can also try making your own arancini.

Pizzeria Delfina [Mission]
3611 18th Street, San Francisco

Pizzeria Delfina [Pacific Heights]
2406 California Street, San Francisco

54 Mint [SOMA]
16 Mint Plaza, San Francisco

Poesia [Castro]
4072 18th Street, San Francisco

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