It’s so handy to keep a bag of dumplings in the freezer for a quick fix, but there are a lot of terrible dumplings available in the Chinese markets, warns Zatan. Hound-approved dumpling makers include Wang’s in Somerville, Chinese Spaghetti Factory in Boston, and Qingdao Garden in Cambridge (try the pork and leek).

By the way, don’t neglect the frozen dumplings available in Eastern European markets, where you can find pelmeni, which are like small ravioli, and manti, which are bigger. BobB recommends the pelmeni at Berezka. Get the ones that look like a fortune cookie, not like a flat ravioli; the flat ones fall apart and the filling isn’t as good.

Wang’s Fast Food [Somerville]
509 Broadway, Somerville

Chinese Spaghetti Factory [Newmarket Square]
83 Newmarket Square, Boston

Qingdao Garden [Cambridge]
2382 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Berezka [Allston]
1215 Commonwealth Avenue, Allston

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