“Anyone know of a source for camel meat in the Bay Area?” one hound asked. In short: no, despite the number of halal butcher shops in the region.

However, vulber points out that Chocolate Covered on 24th Street in San Francisco sells camel-milk chocolates. “Chocolate Covered” isn’t the most helpful phrase to search for if you’re looking for the Noe Valley chocolate shop, but it will help you uncover eligible candidates to break a Lenten fast.

If you’re looking for more traditional Easter goodies: Hooker’s Sweet Treats sells sea-salted, dark-chocolate-covered caramels; this post drums up interest in Cocoa Puro’s Kakawa Cocoa Beans, which are dipped in white, milk, and dark chocolate and then rolled in cocoa powder; or establish a fusion Easter experience with Fa-La-La’s chocolate-covered falafel (which sounds more like camel food than people food, no?).

Chocolate Covered [Noe Valley]
4069 24th Street, San Francisco

Hooker’s Sweet Treats [Tenderloin]
442 Hyde Street, San Francisco
No phone number available

Fa-La-La [East Bay]
2518-B Durant Avenue, Berkeley

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Kakawa Cocoa Beans
Fa La La – new Falafel place on Durant

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