During a recession that’s killing restaurants off by the hundreds, one English chain is thriving. Not by serving the best-quality food, but by piling it high. As UK Guardian writer Tim Rich puts it: “Now, in an age where the spell of the celebrity chef has been broken, the biggest attraction of Taybarns’s food is that there is lots of it.”

Evidently, the sight of teeming hordes carrying groaning platters of cottage pie, sausages, and treacle tarts is a novelty in England, because Rich gets off several good ones at their expense:

“Just as an all-you-can-drink pub would be a haven for alcoholics, there are plenty of customers who smash the recorded average of 3.37 platefuls.”


“The management say they can always spot first-timers because they totter around with ludicrously overloaded plates.”


“The dessert counter is next to the carvery; some customers have been known to pour gravy on to their sweets under the impression it is chocolate sauce.”

Ha! Those gluttons sure are funny. Founder Simon Ewins supposedly got the idea to launch the chain from the success of America’s Golden Corral. Yeah, I can see why this would be appealing:

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