At $6, the banh mi sandwiches from the Bon Me food truck are almost twice the price of Chinatown renditions. For that kind of money, the sandwiches had better be good. Are they?

Bob Dobalina tried the pork version and crowned Bon Me the champ. “This is the superior sandwich—it is a foot long sub (so 4″ longer than the Chinatown standard—I am using Mei Sum Bakery for comparison), for me perfect bread, crunchy outside, soft inside—but not the brittle French bread crust, easier to eat, not as much of a bread crumb explosion.”

The pork itself is “real carved roast pork,” and the usual fixings are judiciously applied. jcarroll42 has tried the chicken and the pork and confirms that both are tasty, with bread that’s fresh and has a “totally devourable” crust that’s not too hard.

However, complaints abound about the truck’s slowness. “It wasn’t just that they took awhile to make the order (which they did), but it seemed like they were doing everything for the first time (hooking up the credit card reader, looking for things etc.). Did they just open? If so, I hope they get things streamlined, and a bit friendlier wouldn’t hurt,” says jcarroll42.

Even so, jgg13, who was resentful about the truck’s slowness and the price, gave it up for the sandwich. “[B]y the time I finished it I realized I had completely forgotten about all that and had actually quite enjoyed it.” Could be a little spicier for jgg’s taste, but there’s Sriracha at the ready for those who favor it.

Bon Me Truck [Mobile]
No formal address; check the website for locations

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