The best part of this dizzying montage of Sandra Lee clips? The way she pronounces “ex-presso.”

Another little piece of chef-y Internet nastiness: “So you want to be a CHEF,” reads the title of satiric blog Balloon Goes Bang’s rant against Gordon Ramsay, the überlord of all cursing, yelling chefs. The post has to be read to be believed:

“Because even though you’ve probably fooled yourself into thinking you can handle ridiculously long hours working on your feet in sweatshop conditions, you may not have fully considered the fact that you’re also going to have to suffer an endless deluge of piss and vitriol from every one of your superiors. They’re going to yell at you for not boiling water the right way, for not peeling potatoes like they do in France, for not washing the dishes with clockwise sponge strokes. In fact, they’re going to shriek and bawl and cry and stamp their little feet for whatever dumb reason they like, hour after endless hour, day after day, week after week, just because they can.”

Ha ha, “clockwise sponge strokes.”

Sandra Lee video via Serious Eats

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