DeborahL tells us that Greenburger’s, a new spot in the Lower Haight, offers an outstanding house-made veggie burger made of “organic black beans, beets, oats, brown rice, and spices and served on a brioche roll.” She also liked the fixings bar (with house-made pickles) and the airy, homey space decorated with family photos.

A recent thread on the best Bay Area veggie burgers provides additional recommendations for those among us who crave a non-meat burger. Pearl’s in Mill Valley and San Francisco, Chow, The Monk’s Kettle, and the Mean Joe Green burger at Hall of Flame Burger each earn a vote.

Greenburger’s [Lower Haight]
518 Haight Street, San Francisco

Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers [North Bay]
8 E. Blithedale Avenue, Mill Valley

Chow [Castro]
215 Church Street, San Francisco

The Monk’s Kettle [Mission District]
3141 16th Street, San Francisco

Hall of Flame [Park Merced]
73 Cambon Drive, San Francisco

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Best Veggie Burger in SF

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