The Chinatown in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, has been a hound destination for dumplings and hand-pulled noodles, Cantonese chow from dim sum to live seafood, even hard-to-find specialties from Yunnan.

Now it’s also on the map for Sichuan food. Metro Cafe’s chong qing chicken—called “dry sautéed chicken with three peppers” on the menu—is tremendous, mawaldman promises: “The mesmerizing waves of spice are perfectly done, without the sour aftertaste this dish sometimes gives.” This kitchen is not only cooking the best Sichuan in Brooklyn, he says, but even belongs in the conversation alongside citywide favorites like Spicy & Tasty in Flushing. noisejoke doesn’t go quite that far, but says mapo dofu and pork belly with leeks are also great.

Beyond Sichuan, hounds recommend Shanghai-style noodles, sautéed string beans and Chinese broccoli, and Japanese-style eel, part of a selection of street bites on skewers.

Metro Cafe [Sunset Park]
4924 Eighth Avenue (near 49th Street), Brooklyn

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