Clever, clever Starbucks! On the run from McDonald’s and seeing the fiscal value of local cred, the chain is reinventing itself—on a trial basis—by opening a series of seemingly independent local coffee shops that also serve wine and beer and are named things like “15th Avenue Coffee & Tea.”

A writer for AOL’s Daily Finance site—who does an otherwise admirable job of dissecting the phenomenon—wraps up her dispatch with (and I hate to say this) a bigoted broadside aimed at the noncoastal Dumb States:

“Whether it will play well with consumers here in Portland and Seattle is doubtful; although (and I hate to say this) I can imagine it doing very well in the country’s middle.”

Let’s take the time to throw the dart with a bit more care, shall we? It seems safe to say that the Starbucks faux-local crap will likely go over far better in Indianapolis, Des Moines, and Bismarck than it will in Madison, Minneapolis, or Ann Arbor …

Image source: Flickr member yajico under Creative Commons

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