Lemon curd is a delicious thing to have around any time of year, for spreading on toast or scones or stirring into yogurt, but it’s especially welcome paired with berries for a spring dessert, perhaps in a pavlova for Easter or Passover. Hounds have favorite lemon curd recipes to recommend.

Alton Brown’s recipe is “excellent and fail-proof,” says chowser, while TerriL says, “David Lebovitz’s improved lemon curd recipe is my favorite, and coincidentally, the easiest—you basically put everything in the pot at the beginning, whisk on low until the butter is melted, raise to moderate heat until thickened, and strain.”

“I’ve made a lot of lemon curd and this is my favorite recipe for it,” JoanN says of this Meyer lemon curd. “It’s thick and very lemony. It keeps for a week in the fridge and I freeze a couple of jars of it whenever Meyer lemons are in season.” The recipe suggests adjustments to make if you don’t have Meyer lemons. And if you need a lemon curd without dairy, I (your editor) like Alice Medrich’s butterless light lemon curd, which has a bright, zippy flavor.

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