It was five or ten years ago when Delucacheesemonger “tried my first taste of Maille traditional Moutarde a l’Ancienne from the fat beer tap. Never looked back and that has been my go to mustard ever since. Figured it was time to check and see if it was worth the 6x premium from the pasteurized as well as the schlep to the store. Tried it straight from the jar(s), cooked on a grilled Mimolette sandwich, and cold in a dressing and all three times the raw was vastly fresher, brighter, hotter, and better than the pasteurized.”

“IMO the tap mustards are far superior,” says jock. “My favorite is the chablis. Nothing in the States comes close except, would you believe, Trader Joe’s?”

Discuss: Maille Raw vs. Pasteurized

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