It’s hard to find real Cajun-Creole food in Los Angeles, especially with the recent losses of Café N’awlins and Stevie’s on the Strip. PayOrPlay sends us to New Orleans Cajun Cafe, “especially for the expensive, very well put together seafood gumbo.”

Warning: This is a one-proprietor operation—chef, owner, and waitstaff rolled into one, says kevin. Stuff comes out slowly. Some might think the food is extravagantly priced, but that may be explained by the fact that the owner imports all of her seafood from New Orleans. And the $26 bowl of gumbo is enormous, “could feed two people easily, and was full of crab, shrimp & andouille. The prices may be pricey, but the portions are large, we had a table full of food, with leftovers for lunch the next day,” says Phurstluv.

They’ve got good red beans and rice, and nice sticky, saucy ribs. Po’ boys and fried things are inconsistent, “sometimes very good (with the most Leidenheimer-like bread I can remember getting in Los Angeles) and sometimes not so much (with the same uninspired bread as you usually get at Creole places out here),” says PayOrPlay.

New Orleans Cajun Cafe [Beaches – Westside]
140 Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach

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