Tia Julia, a taco truck that’s drawing heavy traffic in Jackson Heights, just found a more dependable parking spot. It’s opened an actual restaurant in Woodside, E Eto reports, and it sounds promising. One specialty at the truck (still open) is the torta milaneza de res, a fried beef cutlet on a roll with avocado, cheese, jalapeño, and a smear of frijoles. The restaurant’s version is also “mighty fine,” he says.

This isn’t the first taco truck to go brick-and-mortar. La Copeñita, not far from Tia Julia, was opened this spring by the owners of the Super Tacos trucks in Manhattan. It’s quite good, hounds say. squid kun, seconding earlier reports, has found uncommonly good taco fillings—chivo, lengua, carnitas, chorizo—and fresh, lively salsas. But fans fear La Copeñita may not be long for this world. “People need to go there before they go out of business!” pleads Widmark.

Tia Julia [Woodside]
68-06 Roosevelt Avenue (at 68th Street), Woodside, Queens

La Copeñita [Woodside]
54-25 Roosevelt Avenue (at 55th Street), Woodside, Queens

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