Is there any cuisine that bridges winter and spring better than Chinese food? Order sautéed pea shoots and salt-and-pepper shrimp if you want something light, or soup dumplings and steaming bowls of hand-pulled noodles if you want to be warmed up. And soft-shell crab season is here! (Call ahead to check if your favorite Chinatown restaurant has fresh ones; we had to send back some pretty fishy suckers at an establishment on Saturday night.)

At any rate, the city’s several Chinatowns are popular on the boards, and we’re liking this thread devoted to Manhattan’s Chinatown. sgordon helpfully breaks down his favorite Cantonese versus Sichuan versus Fuzhou, whereas Daniel76 loves the salt-baked soft-shell crabs at Great N.Y. Noodletown, and ChiefHDB declares his favorite at the moment to be He Nan Flavor. He gets the “big tray of chicken” and asks them to add hand-pulled noodles. buttertart spares no expense and gets the lobster at South China Garden (formerly Cantoon Garden), and AubWah likes their crispy garlic chicken. It’s the sort of thread that will leave you happily ravenous for Chinese food, so chime in with your greatest hits.

Great N.Y. Noodletown [Chinatown]
28 Bowery, Manhattan

He Nan Flavor [Chinatown]
68 Forsyth Street, Manhattan

South China Garden [Chinatown]
22 Elizabeth Street, Manhattan

Discuss: What is your favorite Chinatown restaurant?

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