Ladies and gentlemen: This week witnessed a 70-degree-plus day, so we are officially decreeing it Margarita Season—a few weeks before Cinco de Mayo, but who’s counting? (Definitely not loratliff, who was on the margarita hunt in mid-February.)

So where is Manhattan’s best nonfrozen marg? Rosa Mexicano just revamped their cocktail program, but they’re not contenders in this recent list of eight places compiled by hounds. Toloache has “a great one,” according to JeremyEG; the grapefruit-habanero number at the ever-crowded Barrio Chino makes a cameo; and Mayahuel gets a nod, although sgordon points out that “it’d be a shame to just order a classic with so many other creative cocktails on the menu.”

Got a favorite in the city? Tell us about it. And are you a standard lime-juice margarita fan, or a blood orange, hibiscus or “other” aficionado?

Toloache [Midtown West]
251 W. 50th Street, Manhattan

Barrio Chino [Lower East Side]
253 Broome Street, Manhattan

Mayahuel [East Village]
304 E. Sixth Street, Manhattan

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