The most unbelievably awesome thing ever is an Odessa sandwich, served at Moscow Deli, says Das Ubergeek. For $5.99, you might expect a single, lonely link in a mostly empty bun. But no: “My friends, as sandwich value goes this is second in Central OC only to the ubiquitous banh mi,” says Das Ubergeek.

It took the nice lady around 10 minutes to make. Why? “Because the sandwich was five inches tall, three inches of which was very thinly sliced, cold Odessa sausage.” It was the biggest sausage sandwich Das Ubergeek has ever seen. “It somehow managed to scratch my pastrami nerve and my kielbasa nerve and my salami nerve, ALL AT ONCE.”

Odessa sausage is slightly spicy, and sort of like hard salami, with lots of chunks of fat. It also comes with Odessa sauce. “I don’t know what Odessa sauce is. I don’t CARE what Odessa sauce is as long as I can have more of it,” says Das Ubergeek. The bread, too, is excellent. It’s crusty, spongy, slightly sour, and strong enough to stand up under the rest of the sandwich.

Moscow Deli [Orange County]
3015 Harbor Boulevard, Costa Mesa

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