Though the Clover Food Trucks have long been popular with hounds at their Cambridge and Boston locations, the scuttlebutt is that the storefront Harvard Square locale is even better. “Of all the Clover food I have had, I’ve had the best here. I find the food at the trucks to be very inconsistent and this is not the case the few times I’ve been to the Harvard Square location,” says ponyboy.

So what’s good? Sandwiches, for one thing. The chickpea fritter is a reliable treat, laced with pickled onion, cabbage, and carrot for a nice crunch that sets off the perfectly fried fritter. “I really want to try the other sandwiches but I love the chickpea fritter too much!” admits Klunco. “Make sure you try the hot sauce (by the cream, lids, napkins) if you like some spice.”

Egg-and-eggplant sandwiches are also favored. hckybg says, “My favorite there is the Egg and Eggplant sandwich, which I like even more than the chickpea fritters. Nice fried, custardy eggplant goes really well with the hard boiled egg.” Even seitan, a perennial loser amongst even vegetarians, is good, with a tangy barbecue sauce and house-made seitan. It tastes better than most seitan, avows stomachofsteel.

Coffee is great, the staff are friendly and efficient, and the prices are reasonable. What else could you want? Oh yes. The address.

Clover [Cambridge]
7 Holyoke Street, Cambridge

No phone available

Discuss: What’s the deal with the new Clover space in Harvard Sq.? Anyone tried it yet?

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