Ohio’s Barry Farm sells unusual products like honeydew jam and rhubarb ketchup, but what greygarious found most enticing was the unusual selection of powders. Cheese powder, sour cream powder, dehydrated tomato powder, and granulated toasted shallots make interesting and unusual condiments.

Mixed into homemade macaroni and cheese, the cheese powder “added a little of the addictive ‘blue box’ flavor whose appeal is a guilty pleasure,” says greygarious. “I combined the sour cream, cheese, and granulated shallot on popcorn–yippee!” Johnathan Sundstrom, winner of the 2007 James Beard Award, has taken powdered condiments into high cuisine with things like ham powder. So if you feel like it, sprinkle instead of saucing.

Board Link: Interesting powders and jars from Barry Farm

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