Voodoo Doughnut in Portland started it with the original maple-bacon bar. Now exotic doughuts are the new cupcakes. In San Francisco, Dynamo Donuts makes delicious lemon thyme-glazed and five-spice chocolate cake doughnuts. Los Angeles churros chain Xooro makes the Spanish sweet fried dough equivalent in wild flavors like Turkish hazelnut and dulce de leche. And NYC’s Doughnut Plant makes crème brûlée, Valrhona chocolate, and butter pecan varieties.

It’s all part of the current trend of gourmetizing formerly downmarket food (i.e., heritage pig hot dogs, Momofuku’s artisanal soft serve ice cream, ritzy chefs opening food trucks). We’re impatiently awaiting the food nerd rediscovery of nachos.

Image source: Flickr member xmatt under Creative Commons

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