“People, there’s no reason to ever eat crappy food on an airplane again,” says deliciouscoma. “Front Page Jamaican Grille is less than three miles from LAX, so an extra 30 minutes and a short trip down Manchester is all that stands between you and a container full of curry goat or oxtails or jerk chicken with a side of rice and beans. Doesn’t that sound better than a soggy $8 turkey sandwich wrapped in plastic? I thought so.”

John is the chef and co-owner. He serves his food with a big smile. Steaming foil-wrapped fish is served buried under a pile of chopped cabbage and peppers. “It’s totally unphotogenic but completely delicious, the whole mess fragrant with jerk spices and tender enough to cut with a plastic fork,” says deliciouscoma. “The jerk goat was coal-black with a wonderful chew and the oxtails fell apart with the tap of a plastic tine.”

Pine ginger beer is intriguing, authentic, and great. It’s spicy, with subtle pineapple sweetness. “Cran-Moss” is a bizarre mix of cranberry juice and Irish moss, a slightly gelatinous seaweed. Sorrel drinks are best of all, made with hibiscus, and perfectly tart.

The plates are opened-up takeout containers. The décor is bright green. Who cares? The food is awesome.

Front Page Jamaican Grille [South LA]
1117 West Manchester Boulevard #C, Inglewood

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