Treehugger takes a sharp pin to environmental claims made by the makers of CarboPouch, a beer-toting plastic bag distributed by the Beverage Pouch Group.

In a refreshing example of journalists reading and thinking about the fine print, the Treehugger folks plumb the BPG material and then take it apart, piece by piece. A sample:

“Where do we start with the errors in logic here? First, ‘consume less waste’? How might a beverage pouch consume waste in the first place, let alone less of it? And anything that requires incineration as the more eco-friendly disposal option is simply not sustainable.”

The CarboPouch seems to have a couple serious liabilities: No self-respecting beer drinker is likely to suck his or her beverage out of a capped sack, and no self-respecting environmentalist is likely to buy the greenwashing that sells this product. The only remaining target market? Former Capri Sun drinkers.

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