Bison is increasingly popular, and hounds like using it, but they say you need to know how to cook it. The meat is leaner and drier than beef, so it’s important not to cook it too much; stick to rare or medium rare for burgers and steaks.

Ground bison is probably the most common preparation consumed. “For years I’ve substituted bison for recipes I formerly cooked with beef, such as meatloaf, Asian stir-fries, Indian koftas, burgers, etc.,” says Gio. “We like the flavor better than beef and love that it’s low in fat, cholesterol and calories.” sedimental loves bison, but thinks it’s helpful to add some moisture when cooking it. He adds some Cabernet Sauvignon and rosemary-seasoned salt to burgers, and always adds a dab of butter to bison steaks. amyzan emphasizes that resting bison steaks and burgers after cooking makes for a tastier result.

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