Representatives for TV food critic Katie Lee and Billy Joel confirmed Thursday that the pair are on the rocks. Their official statement says they’re still friends, admire and respect each other, yadda yadda. But, as Fox News sensitively reports, “Lee, 27, has been rumored to be involved in a romance with Yigal Azrouel, a 36-year-old Israeli fashion designer. The two have been photographed together and were reportedly spotted dirty-dancing together in Miami last January. Azrouel is even said to have referred to Lee as his ‘girlfriend’.” Fox News also ran a photo of Billy flanked by Katie and Alexa, his daughter with Christie Brinkley, who’s only four years younger than Katie. The photo is captioned: “Which one’s the daughter, which the wife?”

Ouch. That has to really hurt. But probably not as much as this NY Daily News story, which features a picture of Azrouel, looking tasty and youthful, right underneath a shot of Billy Joel looking every one of his 60 years.

Image source: flickr member kevindooley under Creative Commons

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