Rib-eye steaks are so tender and flavorful they don’t need heavy seasoning or marinating before grilling, say Chowhounds. Many simply sprinkle the room-temperature meat with salt and pepper before cooking.

Several hounds advocate dry brining: Rub the steaks with kosher salt and allow them to rest uncovered on a rack above a pan in the refrigerator for a day. This lets them dry out a bit, explains Phurstluv, who says, “they will be incredibly juicy.”

“I think you get a better crust that has lots of flavor,” agrees scubadoo97. “The loss of some water helps to concentrate the flavors in the meat.”

If you’d like to add some complementary flavor to your rib-eyes, NYchowcook recommends this grilled spiced rib-eye steak recipe. The salt, cumin, and allspice rub highlights the beefy taste of steaks, she says. silverhawk rubs rib-eyes with powdered dried porcini mushrooms mixed with salt, pepper, and olive oil. “This technique keeps the meat center stage, adds a hint of welcome flavor and fills the bill as ‘special,’” he says.

For a fun way to dress your steak, check out CHOW’s Grilled Rib-Eyes with Chile-Lime-Tequila Butter.

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