Peach Farm is getting a lot of board love of late. It’s “just so consistent, which can be hard to find in Chinatown,” says tysonmcneely.

Wonderful things to eat there:

• Salt-fried live shrimp, which have “perfect crunch and great flavor,” says 9lives.
• Peking duck, which is “ridiculously fantastic,” says Guilty Glutton. Plus, you don’t have to pre-order it, as you do at other Chinese joints.
• Surf clam with vermicelli and garlic, which could be on the menu at Clio for three times the price, says 9lives. No one’s quite sure what the exact name is on the menu, so “it helps when you’re ordering to gesture with your hands how big the shell is,” says barleywino. The giant clam’s about the size of a grapefruit, but it’s oval; you’ll be seeing that shell on your plate, with the meat chopped and mixed up with vermicelli and served inside.
• Peapod stems with garlic.
• Softshell crab.
• Steamed scallops Chinese style with garlic noodles.
• Live Alaskan king crab three ways: the legs split and baked with garlic; the body stir-fried with ginger and scallions; and then a head custard with eggs and pork. It “could be the best seafood dish this hound has ever had,” says roejimmy.

Peach Farm also validates parking at nearby 40 Beach Street.

Peach Farm [Chinatown]
4 Tyler Street, Boston

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