Far from his home in Nepal, Prav has searched in vain for products made from the fruit of the Choerospondias axillaris tree, called “Lapsi” (candy tree!) in Nepal. The Lapsi fruit is eaten fresh in Nepal, or preserved in pickles (achar) and candy. Even the preserved Lapsi fruit is hard to find in the U.S., but Prav has made a delightful discovery.

“On Saturday, I walked into Sathi Convenience Store, on 153 Highland Ave, in Somerville, after seeing that the sign mentioned ‘Nepali Groceries’. I nearly choked on my own breath when I spotted some baggies of golden colored, dried lapsi candy,” says Prav happily. “In Nepal they dry the fruit and make a sweet version and a salty/spiced version, in square chunks, or in flat Fruit-Rollup form. I picked up a bag of the square-chunk sweet kind. It was DELICIOUS. Better tasting than the homemade stuff our family makes back home.”

Prav hasn’t found an achar source yet, but this is a significant breakthrough.

Sathi Convenience Store [North of Boston]
153 Highland Avenue, Somerville

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