Many folks on Chowhound are big fans of the farm-fresh brunches at Blu Jam Cafe. But here’s the new news: Blu Jam has gone from occasional dinners to a regular Wednesday through Sunday evening service. Your meal will be small plates, and they are awesome, says PinotPlease.

An amuse of mac ‘n’ cheese with black truffle oil is creamy, smoky, and delicious. Tuna tartare is the height of freshness, served with creamy avocado and a corn tortilla chip. Seared scallops on lemon zest risotto involves “two large, top of the line, dry farmed scallops (no iodine nastiness here!) with a nice sear,” says PinotPlease.

Most of the dishes have zingy, complex flavors, good for the adventurous palate, says PinotPlease. Brussels sprouts come with currants, nuts, and a smoky balsamic reduction. And Chef Kamil Majer’s famous goulash is excellent, with nice, tender beef. But Pinot puts the house-made pan-fried gnocchi at the top of the heap. “I could eat those suckers in the beer gravy all day every day!”

Blu Jam Cafe [Mid-City]
7371 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

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