To the delight of organic-food lovers in the West Oakland area, Mandela Foods Cooperative has opened in that grocery-underserved neighborhood. Merchandise is of high quality, says Caitlin McGrath, who writes the Home Cooking Digest and whose friend visited early on. The produce is beautiful, the friend reports, but prices are expensive for the area: The cheapest eggs (all cage free and organic) are $3.50 a dozen.

Relative to other purveyors of organic goods, however, prices are about 25 percent lower, rworange points out. There are canned and frozen goods (including an impressive selection of veggie burgers, notes rworange), a small meat and fish counter, and a deli counter coming soon.

For the commuter set, Mandela’s website promises a feature where customers can place their orders online and have them delivered to their cars in the BART parking lot across the street.

Across the bay, Cynsa points to the newly opened Basa Seafood Express in San Francisco for pristine seafood, with fish, shellfish, octopus, crawfish, and more.

Mandela Foods Cooperative [East Bay]
1430 Seventh Street, Oakland

Basa Seafood Express [Mission]
3064 24th Street, San Francisco

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