Back in October we wrote up a report on a well-attended chat between Frank Bruni and René Redzepi, the chef at Copenhagen’s Noma, which ended with a very “New York” moment: A local cook asked Redzepi for a job—in front of hundreds of strangers.

We’ll admit that we weren’t then optimistic for Wesley Roderick, a young cook at Pulino’s under then–head chef Nate Appleman (who has since started consulting on sustainability for the Chipotle chain). But we bumped into Appleman at last week’s Modernist Cuisine event and inquired after young Roderick’s whereabouts. Sure enough, he’d spent the month of December at Noma, and is now working at Spain’s famous Asador Etxebarri, a restaurant in the Basque region. Nice work, Roderick.

Speaking of Appleman, when we found him at the event he was warily eyeing an uneaten cube of sous-vide pastrami. Did he not like it? “I’ve recently stopped eating meat that I don’t know the origin of,” he said. “If I’m gonna do this for the masses, I might as well do it myself.”

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