Garlic scapes are the green shoots that grow out of garlic bulbs. They resemble green onions, and you can use them that way, too. “They cook a lot like green onions and add a nice garlicky background to food,” says mossgathers. “It’s not an overwhelming, hot garlic flavor. They are mild and tender.” You can also chop them and freeze them for later use.

gordeaux goes on the record as loving garlic scapes to death. They are unbelievably delicious if you like garlic, he says. They make a great dressing for pasta salad when puréed with olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper (serve with Parmesan and chiffonaded basil). Tortellini salad with scape dressing shines, gordeaux says. Ultimately, he prefers garlic scapes raw, but he also makes pesto from them every year.

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